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Comptech Buildings started as a general contracting operation and slowly turned into a strong and lucrative Electrical Contracting business. We strive to serve our customers as best as we can, and give them our upmost consideration on all their Electrical demands. Foremost is our design team, with their extensive experience, offer our customers wide diverse platform of cost efficient and luxurious drafts. Thus slowly working ourselves towards the final target in real world. Communication is, in our part, the most valuable and vital asset. We will work as hard as we can to give our customers an impeccable experience, and most rewarding outcome of any project, no matter how small.

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Comptech Buildings has extensive experience in this field, using respected equipment brands and trusted material providers. We offer professional and experienced help with your projects, helping to match your unique needs and budget. We strive to provide great customer service and clear communication so you can understand the progress of your job at every phase.



Turn your project into the vision of your dreams by utilizing this service. Our experts will explain all your options and answer any of your questions. Our team works closely with each client to make sure we’re meeting, and exceeding expectations. Were here to get it done.

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Repair / Maintenance 

Electrical we take pride in being a leading professional commercial remodeling contractor. We provide all necessary electrical services for commercial renovation and remodeling. Our professional team of experts provides the highest quality electrical services to get your business up and running, no matter the scope.
Handle all types of commercial remodeling and electrical work for all types of additions and commercial renovation projects. Regardless of whether you want to remodel your office, bathroom, kitchen or entire restaurant, we will take care of your electrical needs in the most professional manner.
Team of experts is specialized in electrical work of all types and we work to complete all projects on time and within budget because we know how important time is in these situations. Every business has their own schedule and deadlines, so we aim to provide our services to help you get back to work as soon as possible.

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Standby Generator installation or Portable generator with Automatic Transfer switch

We carry varios brands to fit our customers needs


generac standby or portable generators

There's not right or wrong answer

We offer wide variety of generators for our customers home or business. Please send us an email with your information and we will fit you with the best options and let you decide whats right for you. Living in an age where its hard to predict the weather, you need to cover yourself and protect your family from those unforeseen conditions.

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Completely Wireless 24 Hour Video Surveillance System With LiveView

Providing our customers with state of the art surveillance technology. This service gives our customers ease of mind and ability to monitor any and all activity in the job site or service.  This service is provided 100% worry free to our customers, meaning we will take care of everything to maintain these machines working 100% efficient and reliable.

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Solar For Clean Energy and reduce your corbon footprint

We strive to give our customers the best solution to their needs. Working on solar power for over 8 years, we inform our customers that going with solar power will potentially cut their electricity bill inn half or even more so. here is a little more info of what we do.

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installation and upgrade of equipment


Remove and re-install panels for roofing replacement or repair


Maintenance of Panels And Systems


Business Insider story on the first 3d printed two story home in the u.s. Comptech Buildings being partner

3d home

partner with amazing companies


January 20, 2022

Comptech Buildings has had the great fortunate opportunity to work with, just to name a few, would be AMAZON, FEDEX, Namdar RG,  AND SIMON MALL AFFILIATES

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October 2, 2022

Texas is about to get yet another 3D-printed house. But unlike its printed predecessors, this upcoming single-family home in Houston will be the first multi-story printed project in the US, according to the companies behind the house. This groundbreaking two-story construction venture is the result of a two-year collaboration with Cornell University and three companies.

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Design and drafting


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